missions flown 10905

Launch Day

The Crew

TVACAA is one of the busiest air ambulance services in the country and is renowned for the professionalism and dedication of its crew the pilots, paramedics and doctors.

The Pilots

The first cog in our machine, the pilots ensure the medical team can get to emergencies and the patients get to hospital as quickly as possible.

The Engineer

Our air ambulance is maintained by Bond Air Services Ltd.  www.bondairservices.com

The Paramedics

Our highly trained paramedic crew have a wide range of specialist skills so they can cope with all situations. As well as often being first on the scene which can involve making life or death decisions they understand the needs of the patients and their families, and will handle everything in a sensitive manner.

Provided by South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust, our paramedics have excellent training in navigation and safety skills.

The Doctors

Although not all air ambulances carry doctors to emergencies, TVACAA is lucky enough to have a pool of highly skilled doctors. Not only are they a great help on emergencies, they also suggest ways we can improve our service.