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Volunteers give something very special to the work of our charity – they give us their time.

After training, some give talks to interested groups spreading the word about what we do and what we need across the three counties.

At fundraising events, place collection boxes in pubs and shops, attend cheque presentations on TVAC’s behalf or help sell the charity’s merchandise at events.

Why use volunteers? Because they are a very valuable asset.

  • A volunteer will know the area and be local to the event that they cover. This helps the charity and keeps expenses to a minimum
  • Being local, a volunteer is able to spread the word about the work of the TVAC and raise awareness of our work
  • By giving your time as a volunteer you show commitment to the people of your county
  • As a volunteer, you will be a valued member of a great organisation and part of a winning team

Don't worry if you have never undertaken any voluntary work - we can give you full training and information. It’s interesting and rewarding work for responsible people of any age, so if you’d like further information call us.

Please call 01628 822711 or e-mail info@airambulancetvac.org to arrange a convenient time for an informal chat.