Ex-patient opens her garden for TVACAA!

Having suffered a severely broken foot 4 years ago, an ex-patient of the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance is now preparing to give something back to the Charity!

Edna Szul from High Wycombe will be opening her garden in Booker Hill on Saturday 2nd August to help raise funds for the air ambulance Charity that helped to save her foot, having suffered a bad fall in the garden on the 21st June 2010.

“What was the longest day of the year became a very long day indeed! I had been cleaning the outside windows that overlook our back garden when all of a sudden the safety ladder I was standing on went from underneath me. When I looked down the first thing I noticed was my foot. It had completely snapped and was almost hanging off my leg!”

“I managed to crawl inside and call my husband who arrived a short while later with the paramedics. What I’m sure was only a matter of minutes, the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance flew over my house and landed in Booker Hill Primary School opposite.

“It had always been on my wish list to go up in a helicopter but not quite in this manner! It did not take long for the air ambulance to get me to the John Radcliffe where an emergency medical team were waiting for us. Although I had arrived at hospital quickly, I was told to be prepared to wake up without a foot.”

“Later, when I eventually woke up, I was hysterical, only because I was delighted to see my toes!”

After several weeks in intensive care and undergoing much reconstruction to her lower leg, Edna is delighted to once again be walking properly and without assistance for the first time in 4 years.

“Now that I am up and about once more, I am planning to open my garden to the public on Saturday 2nd August to help give something back to the Charity. There will be tea and cake, plants for sale and everybody is welcome!”

Edna’s garden at 50 Highwood Avenue will be open on Saturday 2nd August from 1:30pm to 4pm.

This beautiful garden is full of all year round interest, with perennials, shrubs and a seating area to enjoy tea & cake!

Parking is available at Booker Hill Primary School, HP12 4LR.