Eyes Wide Open

As a business, we always aim to support the local community and in particular, charities in the area. As a charity, the Thames Valley Air Ambulance aims to support everyone without distinction.

When we first started talking to TVACAA, we were struck with two things, firstly the role they played in providing lifesaving care and secondly, the fact that they don’t get any funding from either the government or the Lottery. As a driver and sportsman, I wanted to ensure that they were always there for me and my family and so the decision was simple, what can we do to help?

Without their service, many families would be without loved ones and this is why we support the Air Ambulance. We are not a large business, but what we can provide is expertise and business advice and have been working with TVACAA to help them establish a structure that will enable them to not only continue to provide their service, but to constantly improve it for the future.