The Rock Riders Return!

CJ Leiu and Jonny Heaton have finally made it back to Buckinghamshire!

After a gruelling 14 days of travelling from Gibraltar to Adams Park, High Wycombe both riders have done a stellar effort for the Air Ambulance.

The Journey has not been without its highs and lows (and we’re not referring to the Pyrenees!) from being waved goodbye by Miss World 2010 (who just happens to be the deputy Mayor of Gibraltar) to being evicted at 6am by a militant Dutch hotelier (Meneer Fawtly).

Currently their fundraising has gone past the £20,000 mark and we understand that they are trying to push that even further!

On Day 14 they finally returned to Adams Park, where the Air Ambulance had two fine volunteers, Ian Pearson and Ian Goold to provide a warm welcome home. The event was all expertly run and managed by the Freemasons of Buckinghamshire, who have been fantastic.

Besides lodges being particularly generous in the last two years we have been privileged to have been chosen by these two riders.

Upon informing the crew, of this mammoth achievement, they decided a proper thank you was needed!