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We have made it even easier to donate.  Enter the value you wish to donate, and click 'add to basket'.  This will be entered like a product into your order.

Gift Aid is a tax incentive set by the Government, meaning if you are a Tax payer the Government will give the charity an additional 28p in the £1 by way of a tax incentive.

For example this means if you made a donation of £10, your donation would in fact be worth £12.80 – and even better this is at no additional cost to you!

If you would prefer to donate by cheque, Postal Order or CAF Voucher, please complete the appropriate form below and post your donation to the address given on the form.

- Donation by an individual (with Gift Aid)

- Donation by an individual (without Gift Aid) or by a Group or Organisation
  (Please Note: Gift Aid cannot be claimed on donations from Groups or Organisations)

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