Coast 2 Coast


Training Day in Gloucestershire
21 August 2020

Paramedics: Richard Company, Michael Copping, Rachael Born and Clive Stevens with Henney the Dog

                                                     Mike, Clive and Richard!

A team of Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance Paramedics and their friends are aiming to raise much needed funds for the charity by embarking on a gruelling 180mile Coast to Coast ride from Whitehaven to Scarborough. 

On Thursday 4th October the team will leave Whitehaven and hope to complete the ride in just three days. To do this they will have to ride more than 60 miles a day, tackling 3 National Parks including Hard Knott Pass, reputed to be one of the steepest roads in the UK with a gradient of I in 3 (33%)!!  

The team consisting of: Paramedics, Jerry Woods, Richard Company, Rachel Borne and Clive Stevens, Paul Jefferies, a former Thames Valley Air Ambulance Paramedic now Hampshire Area Manager at South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Mike Copping, Emergency Care Assistant, Sean Wright, Company Director and Mike Clarke, a Product Designer, are hoping their biking skills will help raise over £2,000 for the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance.  

Like most brilliant, although some might think crazy, ideas, this was hatched one evening over a few beers which meant once the challenge was set there would be no going back!

Mike said, “Trying to get 6 members of the ambulance service together at any one time can have its challenges, shift work, the hours we work and the time we all put in can be hard.”  

When asked why they chose such a challenge, Paul and Jerry replied, “We wanted to support the Air Ambulance and also work with our colleagues to deliver a huge achievement.”  “Somehow I’ve found myself agreeing to join in this ride across impossible terrain with a group of young fit athletes! However I see it as a reason all in a good cause, so it has to be good.”  

The team are hoping to raise awareness about the work of the Air Ambulance and hope that the local community will support them on their journey and they will be keeping us all up to date with their progress.

You can support them by making a donation on their money giving page: