The charity believes in recycling and doing its bit to help the environment – and now you can help make a difference and raise cash for TVACAA at the same time.

Mobile phones

Donating your old mobile phone to TVACAA instead of binning it means cash for the charity. Click for details on Donating your old mobile phone.

Toner cartridges

We’re able to recycle printer toner cartridges for cash. Click for details on recycling toner cartridges.

Foreign coins and Euros

We’d be delighted to accept your old and unwanted take foreign coins and Euros. The foreign coins are sold on to coin collectors/dealers, while the Euros can, of course, be transferred by our bank back to Sterling

Other fundraising ideas might include:

Requesting donations in lieu of presents at family parties

Requesting donations in lieu of flowers at funerals

Make an online donation through Charities Aid Foundation or