Trusts and Foundations


Last year 1 in every 12 missions was funded by Charitable Trusts and Foundations

How YOU can help save lives

You can help save a life by making a donation through your Charitable Trust or Foundation which will help pay towards our vital life saving running costs:-

     £2,00000    =      one mission                                  

     £6,00000    =      one day

     £165,000    =      one month


Capital Projects:-
We are actively seeking funding support for a visitors/training suite which will enable us to assist ex-patients with their rehabilitation and healing process and also provide a designated training area for the continual skills development of the crew.

For further information regarding our visitors training suite please click here

Perhaps you may wish to fund smaller capital projects which will assist us in an important part of our work "raising awareness". Much of our events equipment is now nearing its sell by date and we desperately need new items such as information boards to use at talks as well as sail flags and gazebos for events. 

6m Custom Feather Flag                     =     £250.00 each

3x3 square meter Custom Gazebo       =     £1,500.00 each                     
Click here to view image

Customised Information board              =     £150.00 each

Please contact Rachael Hunter on 0300 999 0135 or email for more information.

A Heartfelt Gift for the Air Ambulance from the Risley Swallowfield and Farley Hill Charitable Trust

The Risley Swallowfield and Farley Hill Charitable Trust kindly donated £7,000.00 which enabled us to purchase a Cardiac Compressor. The compressor performs continuous heart compression allowing the crew to deal with other life threatening injuries the patient may have. This vital life saving equipment has already been used on numerous missions.

"We take great pleasure in being able to provide our local air ambulance with the in-flight cardiac compressor and hope it assists the crew in what they do best: saving lives and improving outcomes for their patients."

 Yvonne Uprichard, Trustee of the Charitable Trust

Prince Philip Trust supports The Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance

The Prince Philip Trust kindly supported the Charity last year by funding some of the fire retardant suits urgently needed by our crew.

The health and safety of our patients is very important, but also that of our crew and the urgent need for this specialist safety equipment has been highlighted by the increase in incidents involving potential fire risks, such as burning vehicles and industrial incidents.

Ensuring our crew are protected means they are able to provide their necessary life saving skills in safety without increased risk to themselves.

Our crew regularly train with other emergency services to enable us to provide a high level of emergency care in these situations.

The Following report highlights the importance for this equipment:

A passer-by battled to pull a driver out of a burning car when it crashed on the M4 this morning.

The 51-year-old driver of a silver Ford Transit van suffered burns and was airlifted to hospital after his vehicle left the carriage way between Junctions 11 and 10 and veered onto the embankment, crashing into a shipping container at around 11:30am.

A spokeswoman for the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance said, 'We understand a passer-by tried to get the driver out of the car but became trapped from the waist down in doing so'. The Air Ambulance Paramedics worked to free the driver whilst the car was constantly being hosed down by the fire fighters to stop it from igniting further.

The motorist suffered burns and several fractures to his lower body and was taken to the burns unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital by the air ambulance.


We would like to say a very sincere thank you to all those Charitable Trusts and Foundations that have supported us.

All donations, both large and small, help to ensure The Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance continues its emergency life saving work across the three counties we serve.

We owe much to the generosity of the following supporters and to those who have chosen to remain anonymous.

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